Aircohol in good spirits.


Aircohol is about saving the planet in a cheerful way!

Aircohol® technology empowers distilleries & breweries to produce the world’s most sustainable drinks using nothing but CO2

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we do

We make drinkable alcohol from air! Aircohol offers the most sustainable way to utilise fermentation CO2 by helping distilleries and breweries to produce wonderful drinks from it.

Benefits for a distillery or a brewery:

  • Significant reduction of carbon footprint (over 50%)
  • Very profitable business case in turning CO2 into premium sustainable beverages
  • Reduction of ingredients needed in production
  • Delicious new taste experiences
  • Completely natural and organic process
  • Offer the world’s most sustainable drinks to environmentally conscious consumers
  • Turn your production into a carbon sink

The tech

Aircohol® technology is installed directly to the fermentation and drinks manufacturing process to turn CO2 into beverages, releasing zero CO2 into atmosphere. We provide distilleries and breweries the technology and know-how to make the world’s most sustainable and great tasting beverages solely from circulated CO2.

We purify air by preventing fermentation CO2 from reaching the atmosphere.

CO2 is captured and then circulated into Aircohol® process as the only ingredient

Unique Aircohol® technology produces ingredients from CO2 back to alcohol fermentation process

Our story

Saving the climate is a serious thing. But how you do it doesn’t have to be. Aircohol is about saving the planet in a cheerful way. We clear the air by turning carbon dioxide into wonderful drinks. Natural Aircohol process reduces emissions and leaves the planet’s resources untouched.

Not only are these the world’s most sustainable drinks, they also taste fantastic. A dream come true for every alcohol producer.

Everything we do, we do in good spirits. We inspire people around the world to take action, proudly toast their glasses of Aircohol, and go: “Cheers, Planet!”

Aircohol – In Good Spirits

The impact

Global alcohol industry produces hundreds of megatons of CO2. Aircohol® technology cuts these emissions by making favourite drinks from only one ingredient: carbon dioxide. These emissions never reach the atmosphere, and the process leaves nature’s resources untouched.

No crops are harmed in making drinks with Aircohol® technology, Founder Simo Hämäläinen

The team

Simo Hämäläinen
Founder & CEO
+358 50 585 9757

Elina Peltomaa
Founder & Chief Scientist
+358 44 327 2565

Tomi Sundström
Founder & CTO
+358 40 720 4249

Timo Pesola
Finance Lead
+358 40 520 3104

João Salazar
Bioprocess Specialist
+358 45 7 833 0858

In collaboration with

Business Finland has supported Aircohol with an R&D loan

Aircohol tech is installed and active for R&D purposes at Brukett’s distillery & brewery in Fiskars, Finland

Aircohol is part of Food and Agritech specialist accelerator StartLife in Fall 2023

Aircohol Oy
Maria01, Lapinlahdenkatu 16,
00180 Helsinki

Simo Hämäläinen
Founder & CEO
+358 50 585 9757